CNC Lathe Machinist Description

The qualified applicant will utilize their own skills while working within a team environment.  Applying their machinist skills to manufacture parts in low to medium runs. Must read and understand the English language. The ideal candidate would be knowledgeable in the operation of Mazak and Mazatrol programing along with Fanuc based controllers with a minimal of 2 or more years’ experience, or as an alternative, at least two dazzling, verifiable, indisputable letters of recommendation from a past employers.

Due to the nature of our business, we have many short run parts, Setups and the running of parts must be done both accurately and in short order. This is requirement.  Many of our parts have a standard +-.005 tolerance, but you must be able to run some parts in the +-.0002 range for some operations as needed.

Items proceeded with a “KPI” (Key Performance indicator) are items we will be looking closely at during your probation period.  CEI is only interested in the best of people who want to strive and make a difference, opposed to those who come to work only to be paid at the end of their pay period.

We are looking for experience, but it is also understood by CEI that not all will possess every item listed below with only 2 years of experience.

  • Ability of doing setups using hard jaws, soft jaws, and angle plates or any other holding techniques.
  • (KPI) Demonstrate the correct methods and steps of operation to assure best finish, fast cycle times for machined parts, which would include speeds, feeds, holding – clamping techniques, minimal setups along with other items.
  • (KPI) During Setup, understand the Job tolerance that needs to be held, and the time needed for setup for that job. For simple setups, we would expect a time of 15 to 40 minutes, this of course depends on the previous setup of the parts just run.
  • Must be able to make fixture plates or use existing fixture plates when needed.
  • Ideal Candidate would be capable or using both Manual Mill and Lathe.
  • Know how to read and interpret prints and tolerances.
  • Operate and understand measuring instruments and gages, i.e., height gages, micrometers, calipers, and go-no go gages.
  • Maintain and secure work tools and account for them daily.
  • Able to check program for errors and or potential crashes by utilizing single step and speed over-ride functions.
  • Configure and set needed offsets within the control.
  • Ability to Load and save programs between CNC and computers
  • Able to comfortably use the MDI mode,
  • Be able to change tools when broken or dull.
  • General understanding of machine Code such as rapid moves, linear and arc moves, drilling and boring and thread milling G codes.
  • (KPI) Be able to understand and sense when speeds, feeds, and coolant requirements in needing adjustment.
  • (KPI) Ability to competently run production jobs. This includes one off, short run and longer running parts.
  • (KPI) Must be able and willing to multitask their working schedule to maximize thru put.
  • (KPI) Be able to do first article checks on other team member parts.
  • Ability to document setups for future runs
  • Stay current/ proficient with all applicable quality process assigned with work.
  • (KPI) Communicate with your supervisor, engineers, and operators from other disciplines.
  • (KPI) Quickly determine when to ask for help, rather than struggling with a machining issue.
  • (KPI) Communicate with internal team members to achieve end objectives.
  • Participate in continuous improvement programs.
  • Possess the manual dexterity required for machine operation.
  • Catalog fixtures for future use, make documents on use of programs and fixtures allowing for quick setup of fixtures for future runs.
  • Required to work overtime if asked by management

Functional Qualifications:
Must possess an analytical ability to problem solve through various tasks.

Team Member:
Team function is essential and required, as are interpersonal skills in motivating and teaching others.
Honesty, integrity, looking for long term employment

Solution Oriented: 
Assess as well as anticipate potential complications and challenges, applying team oriented solutions.

Maintain highest standard of quality while showing diligence in managing deadlines.

Must know Basic Math Skills,
Must know fractions and decimals and be able to use them interchangeably.

Range of pay $14.00 to $22.00 per hour (depending on proven experience)

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CNC Lathe Machinist Description
CNC Lathe Machinist Description
CNC Lathe Machinist Description
CNC Lathe Machinist Description
CNC Lathe Machinist Description
CNC Lathe Machinist Description
CNC Lathe Machinist Description
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